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EQBenefits & Rewards is an innovative, affordable employee benefits program that offers health & wellness privileges to companies seeking to do more for their staff and loved ones.

Supported by more than 350 service partners in Singapore and Malaysia, our membership benefits includes hassle free claims services, wellness store, online fitness classes and corporate webinars.


Together, we will work with you for the well being of your employee. A happy employee is an asset to the company.

Corporate Privileges

Manage healthcare costs at only S$13 for medical consultation at EQBenefits panel GP's. Get corporate rates for additional selected services such as vaccination & health screenings.

Discover the latest health & wellness products from all around the world on the EQBenefits E-Mall. Shop for everything from yoghurt makers to  exclusive skincare products.

Protect your oral health at only S$15 for dental consultation at EQBenefits panel dentists. Get corporate rates for additional selected services such as scaling & polishing.

Earn EQBenefits Rewards Points with every spend at the e-mall or with any of our service partners. Redeem your points for shopping vouchers, fitness equipment and more!

Get quality healthcare from only S$70 to S$120 for consultation with our specialists' partners. From paediatricians to cancer specialists, get the help you want at corporate rates.

Get access to exclusive members only benefits like weekly online fitness classes, corporate webinars, members events and more!

*Applicable to all EQBenefits Members.

Enjoy Members Privileges At Over 350+ Service Partners

In Singapore & Malaysia


* EQ Benefits Malaysia coming 2020/2021

Earn Rewards Points

Earn EQBenefits Rewards points when spending at any of our service partners or on our health & wellness shop on the EQBenefits Mobile App! Redeem your rewards points for exciting offerings and even shopping vouchers!

Health & Wellness Deals

Enjoy exciting offers from our complete range of service partners from braces, health checkups, to massage packages. Get special walk-in rates for selected healthcare services & treat yourself to a day out with our wellness partners.

Shop Health & Wellness

Discover our health & wellness-themed shop to find everything from trending health foods to everyday essentials. Enjoy free delivery with every S$100 spent & earn 5 rewards points for every S$1 spent.


Shop conveniently from our EQBenefits Mobile Application now available on Android & iOS devices.

Members Wellness Benefits

Get exclusive access to wellness benefits like online fitness classes, and more!

Easily Manage Employee Claims & Expenses 

The Equidius Claims Portal frees you to work on the important things like growing your business. Employees can file their claims anytime, any day and we will handle the rest. Get access to your company's full claims history, manage your employee's flexible spending accounts and more with the Equidius Claims Portal. 

Get started with the most affordable claims platform for your business today.

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24/7 Access to Equidius Managed Claims Portal Services

Employees can file their claims anytime, any day and we will handle the rest. Get access to your company's full claims history, manage your employee's flexible spending accounts. Get started with the most affordable claims platform for your business today!

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*Terms & Conditions Apply, please contact us for more information.

EQ Benefits do not encourage nor promote unwanted or unnecessary medical and healthcare treatments. We only seek to help contain healthcare costs for our members’ benefit.

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Frequently asked questions

Is EQBenefits really free?

As part of our commitment to help businesses in Singapore, EQBenefits is offering the Basic Membership plan to businesses for free with a minimum of 3 signups and a maximum of 20 people per company. Subsequent subscriptions are subjected to corporate membership rates. Please contact us at for more information.

Is EQBenefits Insurance?

No, EQBenefits is an outpatient medical alternative that allows businesses to manage employees healthcare costs efficiently with our corporate rates at a pay as you go model. Never pay more than you need to for employee healthcare costs again while adding value to your benefits packages with members rates for dental, specialists and wellness services.

How many service partners does EQBenefits have?

EQBenefits has over 350 service partners in Singapore & Malaysia currently and is continously expanding. We are constantly on the lookout to partner with your favourite brands and will be updating all members on new service partners via the EQBenefits App.
For the full list of service partners, please refer to the Service Partner Find feature in the EQBenefits App.

What is EQBenefits Rewards Points?

EQBenefits offers all our members rewards points with every spend within the platform. Users will receive 5 points for every S$1 spent on the e-mall as well as at any of our service partners (Min S$20 Per Invoice). Redeem your EQBenefits Rewards Points for exciting offerings like shopping vouchers to fitness equipment from our redemption selection on the EQBenefits app.

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