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Be Future-Ready with EQBenefits

A recent study published by The Straits Times shows that HR jobs are at high risk of being replaced by robots.

This study, released on Dec 10, is conducted by Willis Towers Watson, an advisory, broking, and solutions firm. The analysis of the study reveals that 24 out of the 27 HR roles will be "impacted by technology at varying degrees in the next three to five years". HR roles that are administrative in nature, such as talent management, performance and rewards, and organisation development, are at the highest risk of being replaced by robots that can automate the process with more efficiency, accuracy, and at a lower cost.

The study also predicts that technological advancements will result in the creation of highly specialised HR roles, such as HR data analyst, and that "people analytics will be a key skill required by all roles in HR rather than being a dedicated role". HR professionals are thus encouraged to invest in their skills development and adopt relevant technology in HR to increase efficiency and deliver "seamless and cutting-edge" services that are in keeping with the progression of times.

This is where EQBenefits steps in. EQBenefits partners with HR to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for employee benefits and frees up the time of HR professionals to increase their productivity to focus on more important tasks.

EQBenefits provides claims management, which can tremendously offload the administrative work of HR professionals. Our claims management is in compliance with MOM regulations, high flexibly, and does not require any set-up fees and deposit.

Get in touch with EQBenefits to find out more about how you can add value to your company and employees! Be future-ready with EQBenefits!


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