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Helping Joy

This Circuit-Breaker Period, EQ Benefits wishes to share about some non-profit organisations and shed some light about how they have been contributing to our community during these trying times, and how you can play a part!

Today, we'll be sharing about Helping Joy, an organisation helping to provide assistance to vulnerable elderly, as well as care for underprivileged families. Helping Joy was founded in 2012 by Mr Steven Goh, starting out with a small with a group of friends and volunteers to identify an unfulfilled need in the community - helping to serve those with hoarding disorders and similar conditions within our community and restore their homes back to a healthy state.

Now, Helping Joy has about 200 elderly under their care from all parts of Singapore, in which they help to provide for their basic necessities and take care of their house cleanliness and maintenance.

Their services include:

• Monthly house maintenance (e.g. Cleaning, Painting and Refurnishing) for physically and mentally challenged residents of our community.

• Befriending elderly who have no immediate family through outings and regular visits.

• Providing free tuition to underprivileged children.

• Providing free vegetarian meals to low income individual and/or families in neighbouring areas.

• Monthly distribution of rations and basic necessities to physically and mentally challenged individuals and low income families.

• Final Journey Arrangement for elderly with no immediate family or low income families.

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Watch the video interview below as we hear more from Ms Irene Woon, the Director and Centre Manager of Helping Joy, as she shares more about their team, who are striving to continue carrying out all their services, and some challenges that they are facing during this COVID-19 period.

Should you wish to contribute to Helping Joy, you can make a donation here, or head on over to their Facebook to be updated on items on their Wish List(s) for their ongoing monthly distributions of basic necessities.


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