Aviv Super Electron water is sourced from high-quality natural mineral water from the Famous Forest Water in Gifu, Japan. ​ Over 250,000 visitors travel to the Famous Forest Water fountain every year to drink the natural mineral water, which they refer to as Healing Water. This natural mineral water is then passed through the electron water filter and enhanced with resonance technology to create smaller clustered water and make the water molecules have high natural frequencies with a correspondingly high level of energy.  Aviv Super Electron water contains powerful antioxidants that help to balance the PH in the body. It also improves body metabolism, detoxifies the body, and increases hydration at the cellular level. It is great-tasting and completes a balanced diet.


- Non-Heat treated (Genuine Taste)

- Non-Carbonated

- Does not contain preservatives, flavorings, and any other additives

- No sugar added (Healthier choice)

- Soft water – Ideal for babies

- Extremely high purity (bottled at source)

- Naturally Alkaline

- Contains Electrons from Patented Electron Water Filter Technology

- Enhanced with Resonance Technology RESON528

- Nano Cluster for Cellular Hydration

- Won GOLD Quality Award from World-recognised, MONDE SELECTION



Aviv Super Electron Water (24 x 500ml)

$36.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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