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Not just any cleaner. Typical toilet cleaners only contain Bleach.


We have gone a step further to include advanced cleaning agents that do 3 things

1. Deodorize

2. Clean

3. Disinfect


Experience the new feeling of cleanliness and try us out today!


Benefits - can be used to clean all hard surfaces in toilet.

Including grouting, porcelain surfaces, sinks, tubs etc.



Qns: How is this different from bathroom cleaners we see out there

Ans: Most bathroom cleaners often use Bleach as their main component. Therefore simply just bleaching and whitening. Jackie Toilet bowl cleaner contains a good blend of different cleaning ingredients ( not including bleach) to clean your bathroom surfaces in throughout manner. 

Jackie Toilet Bowl Cleaner 500ml

$3.50 Regular Price
$2.45Sale Price