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4 capsules once, 3 times daily.

Aluminum-plastic blister package. Preserve in tightly closed containers, stored in a cool and dry place (below 20℃).
Adverse Reactions, Contraindications and Precautions and so on are detailed in the instruction manual.

The language of the manual is Chinese. If you do not understand Chinese, please ask a friend who understands Chinese.

Ingredients: Weeping Forsythia, Honeysuckle Flower, Herb, bitter almond, gypsum, Isatis Root, Male Fern Rhizome
Houttuynia cordata, Pogostemon cablin, Rhubarb, Rhodiola rosea, Menthol, liquorice.
Excipient: Starch
Color: As shown
Shelf life: About 30 months

Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang (24 pieces)