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Continuous scalp care is important for growing young, healthy and strong hair. Three types of medicinal and natural remedy extracts (Swertia japonica, ginseng, Sophora flavescens and Rabdosia japonica) penetrate to the roots of your hair to prevent hair loss and promote growth. Suitable for both men and women.

Benefits and Effects
Hair growth, hair restoration, hair growth promotion and the prevention of dandruff, itching, thin hair and hair loss.

How to use
1. After shampoo, towel your hair dry.
2. Pour some hair tonic onto your palm.
3. Apply on scalp with fingers.
4. Gently massage for 5 minutes.
5. Do not rinse off.

• English instructions provided.

• Avoid contact with the eyes. If occurs, wash with water.

• Any abnormality appear in the scalp, stop immediately.

• Suitable for both men and women with oily scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff or hair loss problem or simply to prevent hair loss.

• Cool menthol feeling most suitable for hot weather.

• Use this hair tonic 2 - 3 times daily.

Yanagiya Hair Tonic (240ML)

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